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From tension to injury, our clinic works to provide Calgary with superior chiropractic care, delivered with the diligence of scientific precision. Our methods of treatment are rooted in physiological understanding, fortified by years of hands-on experience. The clinic’s long-standing reputation of quality care is predicated on effective delivery of treatment through technical expertise and compassion.

Evidence-Based Approach

Using decades of experience, coupled with the decisive information offered by advanced modern imaging, our clinic provides top-tier care through an academically guided lens. Relying on proven medical science, we facilitate treatment through the prudent delivery of scientifically-oriented therapy.

Chiropractic Services

Benefit from the hands-on approach of highly esteemed chiropractic professionals. Using touch instead of machines, and prudent methods in lieu of quick-fixes, we provide you with a long-term solution to health. We supply thorough treatment that deals with a number of root causes, including:

Sports Injury

Repetitive Stress

Active Lifestyle

Trauma Based Injury

Back/Neck Pains

Conditions treated include:

Benefits of Precision

Chiropractic practice is about respecting the human form and its specific mechanism while learning to work with those systems to provide proper balance. Through exacting methods and focused execution, we rely on proven techniques to facilitate ideal care with reliable results.

  • Athletic and dance injuries

  • Work-related injuries

  • Whiplash and other MVA conditions

  • Acute trauma and chronic musculoskeletal (MSK) disorders

  • Headaches, balance issues, and jaw pain

  • Repetitive strain conditions


Trust the Scientific Approach

Align your back with methods aligned with science.

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