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Simply Amazing

“Dr. McEwen is simply amazing. He is very punctual and never refuses a phone call or visit. He is sympathetic, kind, understanding, and always wears the biggest smile. I had messed up hips for 10 years and was always told it was nothing by my family doctor. I was referred to Dr. McEwen by a friend, I called him and he spent 45 minutes talking to me on the phone. I went to see him; and, after x-rays, he found the problem and it was fixed over a few visits. He is genuine and concerned about you. He gives you tips/exercises to do and lets you know he is there for you anytime. After 10 years of pain, and then seeing Dr. McEwen, I can say I honestly have never felt better. I have not been back for my hips in a few years, but do go back occasionally for my neck when I hurt it and he puts me right back into place. I highly recommend him. You won't be disappointed. Dr. McEwen is simply the best and you will be glad you went!”- March 17, 2007

Kept My Body Functioning

“Dr. McEwen kept my body functioning - fibromyalgia and other muscular difficulties - for many years. He maintained up-to-date treatment research and was able to answer all my queries in an understanding and friendly manner. His Associate Chiropractic Clinic front desk staff were always accommodating and professional. I have since moved out of Calgary but will forever be grateful for the exceptional care I received. I highly recommend Dr. McEwen and staff to all.” – January 5, 2017

The Best Chiropractor

“The best chiropractor! He is the only one who can help me. His personality is one of patience; he really cares about his patients and is very kind and very knowledgable. I live in Cochrane but choose to come in to see Dr. MacEwen. Thanks for your help.” – August 4, 2014

Very Positive Experience

“I had a very positive experience with Dr. McEwen. He resolved my back pain completely and quickly. I have recommended him to several of my co-workers” – January 5, 2011

Always There for Me

“I have been a patient of Dr. McEwen’s for nearly 20 years now and have nothing but wonderful things to say about him. He is always there for me when I need him. Recently I was in hospital and he told me that he would come there to treat me (should I need him to do so). There really aren’t enough things to say about him that would do him justice. He would never turn you away (appointment or not), and has worked with me through good times and bad. I can go in and simply indicate what type of pain I'm feeling and he is usually able to fix my problem (and there have been many over the years). I am proud to call him my doctor and my friend.” – May 10, 2013

Resolved in 1-3 Treatments

“I hold Dr. McEwen in the highest regard. I've been a patient of his for over 20 years. He does not request constant follow ups. Most of my back, neck and shoulder issues are resolved with 1-3 treatments.” – January 28, 2019


For even more reviews on our high-quality services, check out our profile on RateMD, or even better, stop by to see our top-tier work for yourself.

Amazing and Caring

“Dr. McEwen is amazing and very caring. The best chiropractor I've been to and even though I moved further away, I still go to see him.” – May 25, 2015

What Every Chiropractor Should Be

“Dr. McEwen is amazing, he is what every chiropractor should be - honest, helpful and takes great care of you! He has fixed me up on several occasions over the last 10 years. I can't say enough that I recommend him highly! He doesn't over torque when he adjusts and he doesn't tell you to come back when you don't need to.” – June 14, 2013

Instant Relief

“Dr. M brought me instant relief by rectifying misaligned elbow joint.” – September 11, 2012

Highly Recommend

“For the last 12 years, my family of six has frequented Dr. McEwen for everything from back problems to muscle problems! It seems there is nothing he cannot aide with! The care, attention; and, above all, dedication he has with his clients is astounding and very rare. I was delighted to find this link, to let everyone and anyone know he is one of the best doctors I have ever had the pleasure to deal with. I highly, HIGHLY, recommend him! The staff who work with him have seen me at my worst, and are always compassionate and caring. Not once, regardless of the situation, have I been spoken to or treated with anything less than ABSOLUTE respect. Thank you all so much for your wonderful support over the years!” – June 27, 2010

Always Professional

“Dr. McEwen is simply amazing. Never refuses a phone call or visit. He is sympathetic, kind, understanding and always wears the biggest smile. He is genuine and concerned about you; he gives you tips/exercises to do and lets you know he is there for you anytime. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HIM. You won't be disappointed. Dr. McEwen IS SIMPLY THE BEST AND YOU WILL BE GLAD YOU WENT! The staff has always been professional and the best. My husband and I have gone to him for years.” – January 4, 2010

Quick Recovery

“Dr. McEwen is one of the nicest men I know. After sustaining a serious injury in a car accident, I was able to make a quick recovery thanks to Dr. McEwen's treatment.” – December 29, 2009

Happy and Friendly

“I have been seeing Dr. McEwan and others in his clinic for 27 years. Dr. McEwan is always happy and friendly, and fixes me up after I do stupid things. I would recommend him to anyone!” – July 16, 2007

One of the Best Around

“Dr. McEwen is one of the best around. He is very helpful and always takes time to explain. Will always listen to what you have to say. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone.” – April 28, 2007


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